Purchase insurance & extended warranty solutions

You make your customers happy.
We keep them happy.

Purchase insurance & extended warranty solutions

You make your customers happy.
We keep them happy.


We work with retailers, manufacturers and insurers to protect consumer electronics, home appliances, furniture and more

You get more with us

In-depth sales staff training
POS and APOS capabilities
Dedicated account management
Data analytics
Unconditional security

We focus on improving both your customer experience and your business performance


Our highly customised insurance and warranty services

Expand on the traditional customer experience to deliver long-term benefits in terms of revenue growth and brand credibility protection

Our winning formula

Experience & excellence in supporting the cross-selling of insurance and warranties

Wide network of partners, giving you international coverage

Increased efficiency thanks to our unique “global yet local” approach to claim resolution

Seamless integration – guaranteeing a great experience for both your customers and your IT team


For your company

For your clients

For your environment

Increased revenue & profit
Increased NPS
Higher retention
More effective sales force
Protected brand credibility
Bonus system for your employees
Better customer experience
High quality of services (according to our surveys)
Sense of security and peace of mind
Communication in your language, claims and repair administration
Effective claims resolution
Local operations = logistics efficiency
More repairs = less waste
Salvage administration
Longer product lifecycle
Three small steps to success



We integrate with your business through our tailored and agile IT solutions.



By tailoring our best cross-selling practices and continuously improving your sales process, we maximize attachment rates, revenues, and profit through all channels.



We manage your customer claims through our extensive network to ensure they remain happy – without you ever needing to get involved.

Where we operate

We are a cross-border network of problem-solvers

With headquarters in the US and Europe, we’re able to deliver high quality services thanks to our extensive business experience, broad international coverage, and our network of reliable insurance providers.


Customers love dealing with Warranty Expert

Thank you very much, for the quick and pleasant service. Broken PC, replaced with a new one quickly and without problems.

Thank you very much for the prompt and high-quality work. A great specialist, polite, explained everything and quickly eliminated the washing machine problem. After changing the part, I received an inquiry a few days later if everything works perfectly. 10 points!!!! Thank you.

Great company. I sent a little cracked phone thinking only the screen would be replaced but I got a new device and in just 3 business days. Thank you!

Everything was fine. The insurance company took care of the repairs according to my expectations.

Impressed by the insurance company, really recommend it.

Insurance provides peace of mind because I think then there is something to rely on

I liked that not like other insurance companies WE fulfilled all the terms of the contract. Already recommended and will recommend WE in the future to my friends and relatives.

Satisfied with the insurance company, everything was at a high level.

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CES (Customer Effort Score)


CSAT (Customer Satisfaction)


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