Information on Remuneration

Information on the remuneration section on the website:

According to section 4.58 of the September 2019 Addendum to the Consumer Protection Code by the Central Bank of Ireland, intermediaries are required to provide a summary of the arrangements regarding any fees, commissions, or other forms of compensation they have agreed upon with their product producers. 


Product producer – is defined in the Code as “any regulated entity that produces, manufactures or packages a product of a financial or investment nature, and is not limited to a product producer as defined in the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995”.

Remuneration – remuneration refers to the compensation received by the intermediary for their services performed on behalf of both the product provider and the consumer.

Insurance intermediaries – entities that operate within the insurance industry to facilitate transactions between insurance providers (product producers) and consumers.

Information on remuneration

Our Products are underwritten by ELEMENT Insurance AG.

ELEMENT Insurance AG collects the base premium from consumers for insurance policies, subsequently paying a commission to the Warranty Expert as compensation for the role of an agent. Warranty Expert compensates its ancillary agents with the commission. This fee is calculated based on the product producer’s underlying risk rate.

We will receive our remuneration by one or more of the following methods:

  • A fee or administration payment which will be payable by you and will be agreed with you in advance of payment.
  • A commission payment from the insurer of your policy which is included in the premium you pay. Note we may also receive an additional commission from the insurer depending on the overall performance of the policies we arrange.

We may charge fees for additional services which we carry out on your behalf. Any additional fees will be agreed with you in advance.

If you would like more information about the remuneration that Warranty Expert receives, please call +353818882120 or email