Case studies

From 50K annual revenue to 1M annual revenue in 1.5 years.


The client was struggling to realize its full potential when it came to selling more additional services together with electronic devices and gadgets.


As an experienced,  long-term partner, we stepped forward to reveal their full market potential, helping them to leverage higher revenue streams from the selling of additional insurance services. Our goal was to put together a complex action plan to improve the client ‘s performance.

Key success factors
Motivation systems for the sales team.

Consistent bonus systems for salespeople increased their motivation and overall performance.

Constant and continuous training.

Long-term training programs for both operational and management levels provided employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable revenue growth and create an exceptional customer experience.

Pricing adjustments.

We helped our client to rethink and define an efficient pricing model.

Strategic cooperation on the decision-making level.

One of our goals was to act as a reliable strategic partner in guiding decision-making managers through the complex process of increasing revenue, consolidating their brand and improving customer experience.

Value created

This complex and integrated model of different actions, strong mutual partnership, and trust helped the client to achieve:

20x growth in annual revenue (from 50K eur to 1M eur) in 1.5 years.